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Bilingual·Foreign Business|在艺术工厂生产汽车?

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原标题:Bilingual·Foreign Business|在艺术工厂生产汽车?


汽车 | 华晨宝马打造国内汽车行业首座艺术工厂

BMW Brilliance Illustrates the Beauty of Industry

玩具 | 乐高集团携手腾讯赋能中国儿童数字未来

The LEGO Group partners with Tencent to empower Chinese children in the digital world

开业 | BP润滑油扩产项目开业仪式在太仓举行

BP hosted official unveiling of its expanded lubricants plant at Taicang


Korean Air regulated smart luggage with lithium-ion batteries



BMW Brilliance Illustrates the Beauty of Industry

华晨宝马“工业 x 艺术”跨界体验之旅日前在铁西工厂魅力启动。

The BMW Brilliance (BBA) Industry vs. Art Crossover Experience was held at BBA Plant Tiexi in Shenyang.


The Crossover Experience explored how BBA has integrated state-of-the-art car manufacturing, innovative design and artistic elements to establish Plant Tiexi as the first Art Plant in China’s automotive industry.

与此同时,铁西工厂国家 AAAA 级景区吉祥物设计大赛获奖作品亦正式面向公众发布。

The press conference also revealed the winning entry and designer of the BMW Brilliance Plant Tiexi National AAAA Tourist Attraction Mascot Design Competition.

华晨宝马汽车有限公司总裁兼首席执行官魏岚德博士表示: “铁西工厂作为智能制造和可持续发展的典范,兼具工业智造、艺术设计和人文创新等特点。

“BMW Brilliance Plant Tiexi not only sets the standard for advanced, intelligent and sustainable production but also stands out for its human-centered design, stunning architecture and eye-catching art pieces”, said Dr. Johann Wieland, President & CEO, BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd.


As a responsible corporate citizen, BMW Brilliance is committed to making contributions that benefit all of Chinese society: from introducing leading-edge automotive manufacturing technologies to promoting and supporting the development of contemporary art and culture, like with this innovative ‘Industry vs. Art’ Crossover Experience."

独立时装设计师Sara Yun汲取铁西工厂四大工艺车间的特点为设计灵感,创作极具未来科技感的跨界时装,为艺术工厂增添时尚活力与艺术气息。

In addition, celebrated fashion designer Sara Yun presented an innovative new range of tailor-made crossover fashion designs that drew inspiration from future technology and the four function areas of Plant Tiexi.


Based on the concept “Space In Space”, the main office building of Plant Tiexi has an open-end design which creatively integrates production and office areas.


All four independent technologies areas connect into the main building , which includes an aerial conveyor belt that transports colorful car bodies from the Paint Shop to Assembly.


The striking feature intersects the office areas, allowing associates in the office and workshop to view the artworks that they have helped to create.


In addition, the ground floor is equipped with a range of facilities such as an art gallery, fitness center, medical center and cafés, providing associates with a spacious, comfortable and people-orientated working environment.


By integrating production and office areas, Plant Tiexi has not only improved the efficiency of automobile production but also demonstrates the concept of “human-centered design” advocated by BMW Brilliance. It is a working environment that is designed to inspire and encourage every associate to enjoy work and maximize their potential.


The LEGO Group partners with Tencent to empower Chinese children in the digital world


Children and adolescents under 18 account for an estimated one in three internet users around the world, according to UNICEF.In China, internet users under 18 account for 22.5% of the total number.


The LEGO Group and Tencent held a joint press conference to officially announce their strategic partnership in Beijing today. Covering content, games, social networking and other fields, the cross-sector collaboration will create the first eco-system for children digital experiences in China, empowering a digital future for Chinese children.


In terms of content, the scope of the partnership includes the development of a LEGO Video Zone exclusive for children on Tencent video platform, and children can enjoy their learning through play there.


In the field of games, the two parties will jointly develop, publish, issue and operate games that are positive, healthy, funny, imaginative and fit for children.


Both the LEGO Group and Tencent have started strategic cooperation with UNICEF, the organization dedicated to protecting children worldwide. The LEGO Group has been inspired by UNICEF's Child Online Protection Guidelines in the formulation of its Digital Child Safety Policy.


The policy directs behaviors of the LEGO Group in six aspects: content, parent controls, dealing with abuse/misuse, dealing with child sexual abuse content/illegal contact, privacy and controls as well as safety awareness.


Tencent and LEGO also called for attention to safeguard children’s digital experience from the whole society to build a healthy and green digital eco-system for children.


BP hosted official unveiling of its expanded lubricants plant at Taicang


BP hosted the official unveiling of its newly expanded and upgraded lubricants blending plant at Taicang, Jiangsu province yesterday.


This state-of-the-art plant, the largest lubricants blending plant of BP currently in the Asia Pacific region, will double its annual production capacity to 163 kilo tons and play a cruciual role in serving customers in eastern China.


With an area of over 60,000 square meters, the expanded Taicang plant will boast the most comprehensive lubricants product portfolio and produce Castrol EDGE, Castrol MAGNATEC and Castrol GTX alongside a wide range of lubricants for automobiles, industrial, marine, and aviation customers.

“太仓润滑油调配厂实现扩建升级,我们倍感欣喜。这是我们在提高行业竞争力和在中国建立可持续润滑油供应链方面的又一重要举措。”BP润滑油业务全球供应链副总裁唐保罗(Paul Turner)表示。

“We are delighted to expand and upgrade our Taicang plant, which is another step towards strengthening our competitiveness in the industry and building a sustainable lubricants supply chain in the country,” said Paul Turner, Vice President Global Supply Chain, BP Lubrincants.


As part of our investment strategy to support the rapidly growing demand for high quality lubrincants across China, the project was completed on time, on budget and with a strong safety record of over 1 Million Manhours incident free.”


With the expansion project completed, Taicang plant will be equipped with the world’s most advanced in-line blending. The fully automated and high-speed filling and packaging lines can deliver 100 million litres of small pack supply capacity annually, helping to serve Chinese customers with high-quality products in a more effective way.


“Once again, Taicang plant’s successful expansion reflects the key role that China plays in BP’s market-led growth plans,” Xiaoping Yang, BP China president, stressed, “we now make another solid progress on business development through long-term investments across China.”


To satisfy the rising demand of lubricants supply in China, BP-Castrol have established three strategic production hubs: Shenzhen plant in 1998, Taicang plant in 2005, and the Tianjin plant which was announced in early December 2017.


Korean Air regulated smart luggage with lithium-ion batteries

大韩航空宣布出台智能行李箱管理规定,该规定根据国际航空运输协会(IATA)的最新行业指引而制定,并已于2018年1月15日起开始执行。Starting from January 15th onwards, Korean Air regulated passengers from checking in and carrying-on Smart Luggage.


Smart Luggage included features and devices such as USB chargers, Wi-Fi hotspot, GPS, auto locking system and motorized wheel.


In accordance with the regulations issued by IATA towards ensuring flight safety, Korean Air will prohibit passengers from checking in or carrying Smart Luggage with non-removable batteries.


Smart Luggage with removable batteries will be allowed as checked baggage, under the condition that batteries are uninstalled prior to check-in and carried separately on board.


While passengers are still able to bring carry-on Smart Luggage on board, if the batteries are removable and remain installed.


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Please vote for the report you like the most. We will provide the news your care the most.


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